Coronavirus refund policy in France
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The tourism industry is hardly hit by the Covid-19. In 2020 millions of travels around the globe had to postpone or cancel their trips.  This article explains the Coronavirus refund policy in France and how to proceed in order to get money back for cancelled services.

European airlines: refunds guaranteed

In most cases the air passenger traveling to or from France has a right to a full refund if the flight is cancelled by the airline. During the coronavirus crises this right was reconfirmed by the authorities referring to the EU regulations. On the first months of the pandemic many airlines refused its customers money reimbursement and offered credit notes only. However, the refunds are compulsory in the following cases:

  • for a canceled flight within the EU;
  • for a canceled flight departing from France operated by any airline;
  • for a canceled flight arriving to France and operated by a European airline.

The airline may of course offer its customer credit note, voucher, rebooking or other type of compensation for a canceled flight but it has no right to refuse the full refund if the customer claims for it.

Accommodation in France: no immediate refund

As it comes to accommodation and hotel bookings cancelled during the pandemic, the situation is a bit more complicated. Many French hotels owners refused to refund their customers even if the original rate was flexible and the client cancelled on time. This situation is very particular to France and is not comparable with other European countries.

In fact already in March 2020 France adopted a special act (Ordonnance No. 2020-315) offering exceptional protection to its tourism industry. The act concerned cancelations from March 1st to September 15th, 2020, and temporary derogates from other regulations including the accommodation’s terms and conditions, the Tourism Code or other regulations.

According to the above-mentioned act any accommodation in France as well as the travel agencies have a right to keep their customers’ money for up to 18 months. Instead of a refund the hotel gives a credit note which the customer can use totally or partially for future bookings. Only if the customer doesn’t use the credit during that time, the refund becomes mandatory and automatic.

According to this Coronavirus refund policy in France if a hotel cancelled your stay in Paris in June 2020 and refuses an immediate refund, your money is frozen until December 2021. Unless you decide to come to Paris later and stay at this hotel before that date.

Paris Private Tours: immediate refund

The last but not the least. Paris Private Tours and our guides fully refunded their clients on the first days of the pandemic. Our customers were refunded not only for the cancelled tours but also for the unused museum tickets. None of our customers lost a single penny on the tours or excursions booked with us.

We care about our reputation, and will be happy to offer our services for future bookings.


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